Verification of financial credibility and income

Add verification of identity by the bank and a check of the customer's financial history to your onboarding.

Own scoring engine

We provide a scoring engine for customer financial verification based on open banking data, enabling its management under the EU PSD2 directive.

Open API interfaces

The technology used is built on open application programming interfaces (open APIs). Unique algorithms collect, categorise and validate data according to the customer's business objective.

AI & machine learning

Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, up to several thousand characteristics are determined to help establish the reliability of the end customer.

Consumer verification

There is a choice of two levels of analysis: basic and advanced. Using basic analytics, meaning is given to the bank account data, while advanced data analytics enables full consumer verification.

What you could check with our
scoring engine?

The solution provides the AIS Gateway, which is part of Digital Gateways' comprehensive verification methods

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