Bank Account

Quickly and safely check customers - both individual and business, who open a bank account with you.

An advanced data verification system will facilitate the identification of customers who want to open a bank account.

By using our onboarding, you will not only be sure that the data declared by customers is true, but you will also learn about their consumer behavior and be able to remotely sign a contract with them.

  • Prevent identity theft
  • Save time by shortening the onboarding process
  • Take care of customer satisfaction by offering an intuitive system for opening a bank account
  • Be efficient - Sign the contract with the client right away

How can Digital Gateways help?

Check sensitive data

We follow the KYC policy to verify the sensitive data of anyone who wants to set up a bank account. We provide access to data that allows you to determine the credibility of the client and check their transaction profile.

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Broaden your view

When the client is not an individual but a company, then we have the opportunity to check the entire company, including decision makers, e.g. board members.

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Make sure the client is transparent

Sometimes proof of identity is not enough, and it is worth checking in external databases that the client is not laundering money and has no links to the criminal world.

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Bring about the conclusion of the contract

The last step when setting up a bank account is signing the document with a digital signature via SMS. In this way, the person undergoing onboarding becomes a new client of the bank.

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