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The only platform for comprehensive onboarding from A to Z

Solutions based on artificial intelligence - automatic, here and now

Digital Gateways provides the entire onboarding process in one place:

  • verification of the identity of an individual customer
  • verification of the company and company representatives
  • verification of financial credibility and income
  • verification in external databases (AML, credibility data)
  • checking the credibility of browser and device data (KYU)
  • electronic signature (with EIDAS)

The entire customer onboarding
process in one place

Verification of financial
credibility and income

Extend onboarding by verifying the financial history of your clients.
In a simple way, in one process, thanks to comprehensive Digital Gateways solutions.

Our scoring engine, based on artificial intelligence, uses data from open banking. The scoring models we’ve prepared will allow you to assess the client’s creditworthiness.

These solutions are provided by AIS Gateway
, which is a part of Digital Gateways.

Get to know your client
- individual and business

See how identity verification and the KYC and KYB processes can accelerate the growth of your business.

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