Phone subscription

Acquire customers who will stay with your service for longer thanks to advanced credibility verification methods.

Use the available range of verification methods to best match the customer with the service offered.

The subscription system is based on trust and long-term cooperation. The better you know the user, the better offer you can offer him.

  • Offer tailored to customer needs
  • Make it easy for the customer to make a decision

How can Digital Gateways help?

Find out what your customer likes

Our onboarding process allows you to verify both personal information and income, as well as check consumer behavior, including whether they subscribe to competitor services or whether they pay on time.

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Don't give in to the competition

The competition does not sleep and will be happy to reach the customer who is interested in your offer. So make sure that the onboarding process goes smoothly and ends with the signing of the contract. The electronic signature service will help with this.

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